CISCO Systems

“Cisco” is short for San Francisco, the city where Stanford computer scientists Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner founded the company in 1984.

Cisco Systems is an IT and networking brand that specializes in switches, routers, cybersecurity, and IoT and whose logo seems to be on every office telephone or conference hardware.

When it comes to the technology that keeps your employees, suppliers, and customers securely connected, it can only be Cisco. As the leader in networking and communications,Cisco devices has enabled businesses around the world work better by solving everyday business challenges. And you can rely on us to help your customer’s business too. Nemstech  has all the Cisco products you need for your network including the broadest portfolio of products designed and priced well.

Nemstech Supplies carries a range of Cisco products such as Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers and Cisco Wireless, providing the highest levels of speed and availability.

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