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FIBRE OPTIC CABLE: The smarter and future of networking

NEMSTECH SUPPLIES offers a wide range of optical fibre cable for current and future high bandwidth telecommunications infrastructure. Through our alliance with world class international manufacturer, Nemstech can offer fibre optic cable for the future. Call us to discuss your project requirements

Fibre optic cables consist of thin glass threads, each capable of transmitting digital data modulated into light waves. They effectively send information coded in a beam of light through a glass or plastic pipe. A key advantage of fibre optic cables over copper conductor cables is their superior performance in terms of bandwidth and therefore data carrying performance. Optical fibre cables are generally lighter and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, however optical fibre tends to be more fragile than cables with a metal conductor.

The major types of Fibre Optic cables are SINGLE MODE and MULTI MODE:

This is the simplest form of fibre optic cable in which all signals travel down the middle of the fibre without reflection. Single-mode optical fibre is suitable for data transmission over long distances (>100km) and it tends to be used for cable TV, internet, and telephone signals. Single-mode fibres have a very thin core of c.8-10 microns and throughput of 10Gbit per second or more.


Multi-mode optical fibres are about 10 times bigger than single-mode fibres, which allows light beams to travel following a variety of paths (or multiple modes). These are suitable for data transmission over relatively short distances (maximum 2km) and tend to be used in computer networks.

The type of optical fibre is dictated by the application,the distance which the signals are required to travel, and the speed of transmission. The cable construction is then chosen according to the installation’s environmental requirements which can range from indoors within a dry wall in a public area requiring low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials, to outdoor.

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